Unleash the power of communication

Dimension Data Communications Solution Bundle

There are so many ways for a business to communicate and collaborate, both internally and externally. But how do you cut down the cost of communications without affecting performance?

You can! Phone calls, video conferencing, voicemail, instant messaging – consolidate them, connect your people better and cut down on operational costs.

Extend the same perks to your new help desk or contact centre. Get a complete solution in a box with the Cisco Contact Centre Express add-on: simple, cost-effective, and yet customisable to your needs.

Dimension Data communications solution bundle

Put all communication channels on one scalable platform

Facilitate ‘anywhere, anytime’ work and collaboration

Reduce the need to travel, and save time and costs

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Connected Enterprise Bundle

Provide a better service experience
across any channel for your customers

Dimension Data Contact Centre Solution Bundle

Your customers’ experience with your enterprise, is a top indicator of strategic performance. However, their needs are evolving quickly along with technological advancements.

To keep your service levels on par with their expectations, you need a scalable platform that not just supports, but also provides that support across multiple channels—like voice, video, email, SMS, social media and more.

Allowing your customers the option of reaching you on their own terms dramatically increases their satisfaction, which in turn will have a positive impact on your bottom-line.

Dimension Data Contact Centre solution offering

Integrated contact centre and back-end office environments

Seamless user journey across multiple digital channels

Minimised waiting time via intelligent call routing using caller data

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Connected Enterprise Bundle

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