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About The Executive’s Guide to the 2017 Global Threat Intelligence Report

Our recent 2017 Global Threat Intelligence Report showed that new technologies unlock new business opportunities—and dangerous new vulnerabilities. This report—based on data collected from real-world attacks—has been compiled to help you understand, and react accordingly to this year’s threat landscape.

Our data is accumulated while assisting organisations with data breach investigations, analysing global threat intelligence, and our own security research. We’ve also aggregated global attack and incident response data gathered from NTT Security and the NTT operating companies, and includes analysis of:

  • 3.5 trillion security relevant logs
  • 6.2 billion attempted attacks
  • Global honeypots and sandboxes located in over 100 different countries
  • 10,000 clients’ networks across five continents

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  • Identify the gaps in your organisation’s security posture
  • Understand today’s expanding threat landscape through precise insights
  • Bolster your organisation’s cyber defences with key recommendations

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