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Dimension Data networking solution bundle

A WiFi network may be much more flexible than a wired one, and up to 70% cheaper – but how is yours doing on performance?

WiFi connections that run slowly or drop frequently are more a hindrance than a boost to your business. If your network struggles with present demands, it can’t take you forward with new technologies like unified communications and BYOD.

Stop grappling with weak signals and congested bandwidth. Up your wireless standard. Make your network deliver not just connectivity – but results.

Dimension Data networking solution bundle

Enable next-gen networking

Optimise your critical applications

Unlock significant cost savings

Dimension Data can help you roll out your next-generation wireless in 2 days or less.

Refresh aging WiFi and improve your wireless performance instantly

Kickstart new working models, such as mobile computing

Pay per square metre, based on your office dimensions

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